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About us

AAOP is a Mexican company, founded in 2005, whose mission has been the promotion of technologies, products, applications and services of several North American, Canadian and French companies, for the Latin American market. 

Our services

Business promotion and representation of companies.

To offer a local partner, who knows the market and culture in LATAM countries, to promote their products and services.

   To promote the approach of foreign companies, to offer their products and services, to the Latin American markets.

To favor the growth of our main clients’ businesses by supporting their successful insertion in Latin American markets.

To represent companies and distribute their technological products, applications and services to the industry in Latin America.

Digital marketing and business development services

AAOP offers digital marketing services using available technological and digital media and advertising channels.

Thanks to the power of technology we can create customized products and services for our clients.

Our digital marketing services complement the direct marketing activities carried out by the companies’ internal groups.

AAOP also offers complementary services for business development, with the participation of our technical  group, with experience in industrial operations, use of advanced applications in the industry: APC, dynamic and steady state simulation, etc. and systems for real time data management.

By combining the two disciplines, AAOP provides its principal American customers with a solid service offering, so that they can expand their business in LATAM

Training of technicians and professionals for the industry

AAOP offers various educational services to support the training of technicians and professionals in the industry.

Some of the pedagogical services offer include:

  1. Revision and integration of didactic material
  2. Adaptation of formats from face-to-face to virtual training 
  3. Organization of courses and logistic support

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AAOP cuenta con un equipo de marketing digital experimentado.

Disponemos de una plataforma tecnológica, integrada por sistemas CRM, Bases de Datos, sistemas de rastreo de clientes potenciales y aplicaciones únicas de automatización de campañas.